Production Accounting Services

Moneypenny International provides a range of support services in the field of Production Accounting for Feature and TV projects. We understand the specific needs of production with a dedicated focus on local, legal and tax requirements.

Completion guarantors, funding bodies and experienced producers, readily acknowledge that production accounting is a specialist role. A production accountant, with experience and knowledge of managing film and TV projects, can identify efficiencies from the outset and implement clearly defined systems essential to the smooth running of the production. Every project is a start up company.

Our experienced team of accountants and payroll operators are available to offer advice on your budgeting, pre-production and contracting needs. We also provide advice on terms and conditions that apply to members of your cast and crew.

Moneypenny accountants are fully trained in the use of all our financial and integrated accounting services, such as Payroll, My Digital Accounting Entertainment Solutions (MydaEs), Digital Filing Cabinet and Digital Production Manager, to name just a few.

Post production and part-time accounting services

Moneypenny International has created a part-time solution to those productions unable to support a full-time accountant during production or throughout pre/post-production.

We have in-house teams ready to take over the post at any time and see the project through to its conclusion. We work with tax accountants in the preparation and audit of tax credits, and our affiliate offices overseas can also provide the support required to deliver multi-jurisdictional rebates.

We can also provide appropriate assistance to small budgets. For example, documentaries that need a day or two a month to produce a cost report and where the producer is able to make the payments, (low budget film or TV), we can tailor a financial solution.

We also assist with micro and small budget productions that donÓ´ require a full time accountant but still need the support of a skilled production accountant. Working with the Producer, we can put together a custom-made accounting package that caters for any budget size and production requirements. See MAP with Moneypenny.

Other services include, Short term support for location recces, 2nd unit shoots, and assistance with statutory requirements with all payment needs met by our Moneypenny support teams.

Accounting and budgeting service for other creative industries

MoneypennyÓł strength is specific to our expertise in project based financial management with a full range of services in payroll and accounting available for theatre and events. The mydaEs software has some theatre specific modules used in Australia, NZ and Asia as well as the UK.