Film & Television

Tax Credits/Rebates/Incentives

Moneypenny is a specialist production accounting service with in excess of 35 years experience in the film and television industry.  We provide a comprehensive one-stop range of financial services that provides a valuable framework for your rebate claim.

Since the launch of various Rebate Schemes in Australia, Moneypenny has facilitated the claims on more than 150 feature films (mix of US studio, domestic and international co-productions), TV series, mini-series and documentaries with a combined, qualifying spend of over $1 billion. Most film and television offsets/rebates appear easy to understand but in reality, for a production to comply, they are highly complex and industry specific. Specialist professional advisors are required to maximize claims and ensure compliance.

Moneypenny can provides the ultimate resource-base for producers and financiers in order to ensure the full economic impact of a project is accounted for and managed in a way that is able to take full advantage of the scheme and streamline the process.

Rebate/Offset Financial Services

We provide project-based services as follows:

  • Generate a rebate estimate from your budget, which should be provided in Movie Magic or the Screen Australia budget format.
  • Liaise with your lawyer/financier in order to confirm the incentive for inclusion in project’s financial plan.
  • Prepare and lodge a Provisional Certification Application with the Ministry of the Arts (Post, Digital and Visual Effects Offset – PDV and Location offsets) and Screen Australia (Producer offset and/or co production application), if required by financiers.
  • Instruct and support your production accountant on establishment of preferred systems for the production. Monitor spending, as agreed to the in original provisional application and provide variation reports, as required.
  • Prepare your final application according to legislative guidelines in appropriate formats that are acceptable to the rebate/offset administrators.
  • Your project is taken through to the production and offset audit phase, with an experienced post-production accountant, part-time.
  • Attend audit, prepare and deliver application to Screen Australia or The Department of the Arts for certification.

All Australian rebates/offsets require an audit on completion of the production. We do not provide audit services as this task is seen as a conflict of interest. However, we can recommend film friendly auditors.  For further information, please contact Jane Corden 02 9383 4605 or Liberty Jackson 02 9383 4604